Modern Indian Food

I admire a person with endurance when they face any trial.

That’s what this night was about. It was to celebrate one of my best friend’s endurance. She has been running the race of trying to finish school. It hasn’t been an easy start and it still isn’t over but those around her continue to encourage her to “keep going.”

So, this wasn’t a “Yay you’re done” dinner, it was a “Yay you jumped over another hurdle…keep going.” dinner.

She planned everything out on her own and she knew we all enjoy Indian food. The reservation was for 9:15 pm on a work day and despite the long hours at work, we rushed home to get snatched (that means all dolled up). Even with barely any time left in the day, we still have time to put something together.

SN: Twice a week she buys a bus ticket to her school that is 1.5 hours away because she has to attend her lab classes.

Oh yeah, did I mention she also works two jobs!!

Anyways, she got a 99% A in her class because she’s brilliant and that’s just more magic added to the black girl pot.

The restaurant was pretty on the inside. Our food that night was satisfying but I have had better tasting Indian food.

Maybe it was because we went so late and they were closing, who knows? I probably wouldn’t go back unless someone invited me there.


The reason for the occasion was way more important. That’s why I love my friends. We encourage one another to “keep going”.

There really aren’t too many people I would rush home from work, get dressed up, and drive back to the city to celebrate an A. But when you can, encourage those around you, it means more than you know.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia




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