C o C o S A L A

Eclectic  classic American dishes with a unique twist

This was one of those nights where I didn’t want to go out because I didn’t want to spend any money. I told my best friend I would but I did one of those last minute cop outs. It was around the holidays and I was spent out, can you blame me?!!

Of course, she guilt tripped me with threats if I didn’t come. So, I went.

We got to the restaurant and it was super nice. The decor was, wow. They had silk curtains around the tables and cool art on the walls. The lighting was just right for a late night dinner.

My two other girl friends and I (including the death threat friend) sat down and waited for our guy friend to come with his friend (that I never met).

They finally came 30 minutes later — ugh black people — and we all sat down and started to think about what we wanted to order.

Mind you, I DON’T WANT TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY and the menu looks like three dollar signs ($$$). So, my other bestie and I (not the death threat one) do the typical “money is tight” thing and order something from the appetizer menu.

Our appetizers were $9 each and my other friend’s meal was $25.


While the different conversations are going on, our two guy friends are ordering steaks, three bottles of wine — the red wine is amazing, several other drinks and even dessert. In my mind, I am thinking oh wow what is the occasion?


There is none, they just do stuff like this.

SN: Later on I remembered it was the guy I never met before birthday.


After a couple hours, it is finally time for the bill. So, my one guy friend takes the bill and puts his credit card in there. All the girls are like, “NO way! split it”. So he’s like, “Okay” and tells the waitress to put $200 on his card and split the rest on everyone else’s card.

Mind you, I didn’t even look at the bill but I figured it couldn’t be too much more than $200, so, I am like cool, shouldn’t be too much.

Our individual bills come back and mine says $34.10…THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS AND TEN CENTS. When I ordered a $9 meal…what kind of gratuity…no. That was not why it was so high.

The other guy (who I never met before this) ordered two of the three bottles of wine, a steak, a few drinks and guess who paid for it?

You guessed it! ME and my two friends. I was livid. The wine was great, the two glasses I had…thanks for sharing.

Let’s do some math. 34.10 x 3 is $102. and freaking 30 cents!! So, yes, we paid for his meal.

I would def go back but not with Joanne the Scammer.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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