There are some attractions you see online and wonder, “where the heck is this? I have to go here!” Renwick is one of those places.

I really like art but not in the sense that I have a favorite artist, know a ton of history about artists and their works, or remember the names of all the pieces I like. But I remember how certain pieces make me feel. I appreciate art for the simple fact that it is thought provoking.

As soon as you walk through the gallery doors, there is art in subtle places. There is this beautiful staircase you walk up to get to the main exhibit and right above you is a glimmering dangling chandelier. You could get lost for a moment just staring up at it.

Once you make it past that, there is another breathtaking piece. It represents the event of the Japanese Tsunami. The artist hand-knotted the ENTIRE net. The colors represent the energy and force from the wave.

If you decide to visit, the curator will tell you more background about the piece and the artist so I won’t spoil it. I would def recommend Renwick if you want to spend a peaceful couple of hours laying on the carpet (that’s a part of the exhibit too) you will get lost in your own imagination.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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