Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

It may be hard to see the city stars but you can always take a universal trip at the National Air and Space Museum.

Nostalgia is the greatest/worst feeling. It is almost bitter sweet but this memory of my middle school visit to the planetarium was more sweet than bitter.

I absolutely love looking at the stars and the moon and I always thought the sky was one of God’s greatest marvels.

I looked up planetariums in DC and lone behold, there is one at the National Air and Space museum. I have been to that museum a million times and never noticed the Einstein Planetarium.

So, I planned to go the next day and asked my sister to tag along since she works close to the National Mall.

I had a meeting in the city anyways so I figured I’d make a day out of it.

SN: I went here after Renwick Gallery

As I started heading towards the museum my sister calls me and tried to pin point where I am. If you ever have visited the National Mall then you know, it is still hard to locate exactly where someone is because everything looks the same. It started to rain and she was not happy about that.

I just stood casually on the corner of 7th and Independence waiting for her to find Waldo a.k.a. me. She finally found me after 20 minutes of “which red sculpture?” “Is it the left or the right side?” “Are you facing the capitol or is your back towards it?”

We walk in and head upstairs and got our tickets from the ticket booth and headed inside the Einstein Planetarium.We bought tickets to the show, “The Dark Universe.” I felt like a kid again and like this was my first movie in the movie theater.

It was amazing. The dome-shaped theater leaves your mind just anticipating what galactic beauty you will see.

It was truly an experience that I am having a hard time explaining. At some points, I felt like I was moving and even getting motion sickness but had to remind myself, “snap out of it because I am sitting in a chair.”

If you are ever in the mood for star gazing, check out the planetarium at the National Air and Space museum.

Tickets are only $9 per show.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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