My friend saw that I had been visiting some museums in DC via Snapchat so he hit me up and said we should plan a day to go in the city. So, yesterday we met up around 11 am and headed to the city.

Our first stop was to a gallery I had never heard of but was recommended to me by a fellow colleague, The Phillips Collection.

There is no fee to enter but they do ask that you pay a small donation. Please pay, it is really worth supporting.

Most of the gallery has art works and masterpieces from French impressionists to American modernists to contemporary art. There are a variety of different sculptural pieces and paintings that capture your eye and really make you think about what the artist is trying to illustrate.

I also liked that there were a lot of young people working as curators. They give you more information about the different pieces, how they were acquired and about the family who owns the gallery.

I was shocked to see how large the original house is (connected to the Main entrance of the Phillips Collection) and interestingly, the family lived in the home while it was a public gallery. IT IS HUGE.

There is a lot of history in the art pieces which show different people of color. There are some photographs that are captivating and give a little piece of history about the time in which the photo was taken.

I would definitely go back!

Until next time,

Lin Alishia



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