Modern Italian fare.

DC Restaurant Week January 30th – February 5th, 2017.

As soon as I found out it was DC Restaurant Week, I texted my best friend who loves food just as much as me. Of course, she said yes. The greedy person inside of both of us said, “pick two restaurants, don’t worry about money, you’ll make it back.”  So, we picked Bibiana and China Chilcano.

Bibiana has been on my list of places to try for a while now but I never found the right opportunity to actually go. So, I figured what better time than during restaurant week when a three-course lunch is only $22.

When we walked in and the hostess spoke in an Italian accent which was lovely but it also threw me off. I don’t know why since I was at an Italian restaurant.

The decor had an upscale but modern chic feel. It was smaller than I thought but cozy.

SN: When I walked in I also noticed there were some Rasika cards by the hostess so I think it’s the sister restaurant to Bibiana.

The menu was one of those types of menus where you literally don’t know what anything is if you have never eaten authentic Italian cuisine. I mean of course you try to put two and two together with the descriptions but the descriptions did not help either. I really tried my best to use context clues but I had to resort to google images.

My best friend, Devin, gave me the “look.” You know the “look” that says,”Let’s not embarrass ourselves and just google these options discretely.”

I should’ve taken a picture of how sneaky Devin looked trying to look up pictures. As if someone was looking over her shoulder trying to cheat off her test.

For the antipasti, Devin ordered the Crostini and I ordered the Crudo. The funniest moment was when Devin tried so hard to eat all of her Crostini. Corstini is, for a lack of better words, liver paste on a piece of bread. Liver…is an acquired taste.

For the secondi I ordered the Tagliatelle (Tah-lay-tel-ay) Yes, I learned the “g” is silent, who knew! It had traditional Bolognese and honestly, I can’t describe how it tasted. There isn’t anything else like it (don’t worry that’s a good thing). Devin ordered the Cioppino which is featured above in the header.

I wanted to try other dishes they have too. I am sure the dinner menu is impeccable because the flavors were strong.


Our lunch was pretty satisfying and the portions were the perfect size.

SN: I hate feeling loaded down and too full after a meal when you can barely sit or stand or walk without feeling uncomfortable.

I ordered the Torta for dessert and it was this apple crisp cookie but had a sauce like a pie. The gelato with nuts was a nice added crunch to the sweetness of the gelato but not too sweet.


Anywho, if you have a few coins to spare, check out Bibiana!

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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