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First, if you’ve never heard of the name Wolfgang Johannes Puck (yes, that’s his name) then you don’t know what you are missing. His chef creations are some of the best food you’ll ever eat.

It was only right I made a visit to one of his restaurants which happened to be right in the middle of D.C.

I’m thinking, “Shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?” Not even close, I passed it three times before I could even find it because the GPS tells you you’ve arrived when all you see is the Newseum!

SN: Oh yeah, while it was taking me forever to find the place my gas tank was on low. Perfect.

I finally realized it’s actually located behind the Newseum which pretty much takes up the whole block!

Luckily parking wasn’t too bad, I found a spot but the meter wasn’t working and it took my coins. I lost 75 cents in that meter and so I moved to another one. Of course, my card wouldn’t work in the second meter. My hands were freezing!! After I had to move my car twice, I found a spot and a working meter.

By the time I’m seated its going on 8:40 (my reservation was at 8) and my friend has yet to arrive. Big surprise guys, HE’S LOST. He calls me and has resorted to making random turns just hoping he’d get to the right place. And D.C. is not the place you want to make random turns in, it’ll take you twice as long just to get back to where you started. After driving around for an hour he finally arrives!

The Source is an Asian restaurant so when you walk in, its decked out in red lights and lanterns all across the ceilings. They have really big windows too, so I can only imagine how it looks during the day.

The Source

Our waiter comes up to us with a deep European accent, one of those accents that make everything on the menu sound that much better. After he finishes explaining the wine to me, I  choose the only one I could pronounce, Gamay red wine.

The Source

Mind you, it normally takes me years to pick something and everything just sounded so good, I went with whatever our waiter suggested for dinner, The Pork Porterhouse.

As we’re waiting for our food, another waiter brings us these swirl shaped dough things that I’m pretty sure she said were made out of cauliflower. They only gave us one each but I needed at least 4 more.

Thankfully the calamari we ordered made up for it and again, another winner. When you get calamari that’s cooked just right, it doesn’t last but two minutes on the table. I’m not sure if it was the sauce it came with, but that’s def a winning choice if you can’t decide on a appetizer.


The Pork Porterhouse. I tried to capture its beauty the best way I could; topped with sauteed fennel and a bowl of roasted brussel sprouts mixed with chunks of bacon.. MY GOODNESS.


Even though this place is pretty pricey (expected from a celebrity chef), it was well worth the visit. If you can find any reason to go, GO. My taste buds were sad the night had ended!

Thanks for reading,

Briana A.



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