A Jose Andres restaurant, Peruvian fare with Asian and Spanish accents.

I fell in love with the vibe of this place before I even went. Again, I dined here because it was DC Resturant Week so it was a good opportunity to try and get a three-course lunch for only $22.

This restaurant is located near Chinatown. If you have ever been to China Town then you know how difficult parking is. Fortunately, it only took us about 15 minutes to find a spot nearby.

The murals on the walls and the industrial lighting were just absolutely creative and gave edgy China meets Peru vibes. I felt so cultured and just took it all in.

SN: This is a Chef Jose Andres restaurant and Jaleo is right next door!

This menu was a little better to read but there were some entrees that I didn’t know what they were. Why didn’t I just ask my waitress?? She even asked me if I needed to know anything in particular. Lesson learned, I will from now on.

Devin and I both ordered the wontons. They were DELICIOUS. Omg…If I could’ve eaten my chopsticks with that sauce on it, I would have. It was like a spicy sweet and sour sauce.

China Chilcano

For lunch, Devin ordered the spicy tuna roll (not knowing all it was, was sushi HA!) and I ordered the Aji de Gallina, Peru’s most famous dish. It had chicken, cheese, olives, tiny potatoes, and a tiny egg. I’ve never seen an egg so tiny before. It was interesting. Kind of like soup but more like curry with rice. This particular dish wasn’t packed with flavor as much as anything else I had.

And for my favorite, the dessert. OH MAN. WOW. We got the traditional Peruvian plantain dessert. It literally tasted like the best banana pudding you’ve ever had x2. It had a plaintain on the bottom and carmalized banana ice cream on top. And it also had puffed quinoa sprinkled on top.

China Chilcano

Our meal today wasn’t as filling as Monday when we went to Bibiana but nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

To end the lunch, I asked Devin to take some pics of me before we left. It was so funny because I am stiff in front of the camera. I tried my best but really only got two pictures out of like 50. No worries, I will get better in time.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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