I have never been to an auto show before. I was excited when my aunt told me that my cousin was planning on going. We got our plans together and decided to go the first weekend. I bought my ticket but then he told me he had two complimentary tickets. I wasn’t too mad because the tickets were only $12.

We ended up not going that first weekend because his neighbor died and our great aunt died too. So, we went that following week.

The DC Auto Show is always held at the convention center so we knew it would be best to take the metro into the city. It was so cold that day but I stuck it out and just tried to power walk every time I was outside.

When we arrived we picked up our tickets, courtesy of Toyota, from will call and headed up to the domestic car showroom. That floor included Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, etc. Honestly, the best cars on the whole floor were the 2018 Toyota Camry and the Mustangs.

Auto Show

SN: We asked one of the floor salesman to give us a walk around of a car and received a $25 American Express gift card!!

We went back downstairs and to test drive one of the Toyota Camry’s but it wasn’t the 2018. SUCKS.  We drove the 2017 but it still was a smooth ride. I just wanted to see the inside of the 2018 Camry.

Exotic and Foreign cars were next and those were so luxurious, you didn’t even really want to talk in the room you were in.

My favorite showroom was the luxury cars like Mercs, Beamers, Audi, Infiniti, Range, etc.

The best car in that showroom was the Audi A5 Sportback!! OMG…what a beautiful car inside and out. It has top of the line new interior technology and the spacing inside the car was incredible. I didn’t even feel like I was in a car. Sorry, I didn’t get a full pic of the car.

Auto Show

Auto Show

All the cars were pretty up to par this year if you ask my cousin. I will just show you all the pictures below and let you have a look for yourself.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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