All Fired Up & Alero’s

I’ve been wanting to hand make pottery for years now but never had the time or the money to go and do it. I told my friend about my idea and she invited me to paint some pottery with her one day after work instead.  She heard about a place called, All Fired Up, which is near the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

We looked up prices online and one thing to note before going, they highly recommend you come in a group of four. We asked all of our friends and they wanted to join so, we came in a group of seven.

The plan was to go to Claudia’s Steakhouse afterward to celebrate with my best friend Briana because she got an offer to be a stylist at MM.Lafeur! To check it out Click Here.

Unfortunately, we missed Claudia’s happy hour from 3-8pm. They do live flamenco dancing starting at 8pm btw!

All Fired Up has a ton of different pottery pieces large and small that you can paint. They have a variety of colors to choose from. I chose to paint a small dish that I will use for rings or tea bags.

Everyone else painted small moons or roses because they were the least expensive. The pottery ranges from $6-$60. As you know, we don’t ball out like that…yet!

This is a great place when you want to do something chill and creative. I was told that it makes a great party place for younger kids.

Please note that you cannot take your painted pottery with you the same day. You have to pick it up 7 days after painting.

Afterward, we went to Alero’s on U St. for happy hour! I am not a fan of their food, it’s pretty mediocre Mexican in my opinion. But the energy, music, and margaritas are good. If you like a good margarita, you should definitely check them out for their happy hour or a late night spot if you’re on U st.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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