Claudia’s Steakhouse

This chic, high-gloss steakhouse supplements its beef offerings with Latin-style dishes & sides.

Hey peeps!

This is a really quick but must-do post! My friend, Johnyie, tried Claudia’s for dinner during DC Restaurant week and she couldn’t stop talking about it.

When I got together with my friend Kamaria one day I thought I would give Claudia’s happy hour a shot since the dinner is pricey.

I definitely was impressed with how tasty the drinks and happy hour food was. The happy hour prices are affordable ($5-$14 depending on what you get). It was filling too, which threw me off guard because I figured a pricey restaurant ($$$) would try to give you smaller portions.

We both ordered the brassa rolls ($9) which looked like a burrito cut in half but the crust is fried and flaky giving it a nice crunch like a taquito. Inside it is packed with cheese, corn, chunks of chicken and we ordered a side of sour cream for dipping. I ordered the dirty fries which had a cajun seasoning and cheese on top, it was enough to split between the two of us.

The ambiance is upscale and modern chic. The low dim lights go perfectly with the fireplace backdrop behind the bar, the crystal chandeliers, white decor, and a small stage with a piano for flamenco dancing which begins at 8 p.m. (they have dancers that entertain while you dine).

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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