Lady Camellia’s

Cozy destination offering full tea service plus pastries such as scones & croissants.

This was not on my list at all and quite frankly, I would have never thought in a million years to go here. My friend, Briana, had a day off and wanted to get out and have some fun. She asked to make plans. I asked her what she was in the mood for. You’d be surprised to know she replied, “tea”.

I googled “tea house” and Kafe Leopold’s came up so I told her we could go there. We got all the way to DC ready to try out all the things the reviews said were good and guess what? There was a sign on the door saying, “Sorry we are closed for renovations.”

Wow. Immediately we were disappointed because there wasn’t anything on the website or IG page saying they’d be closed that day or week.

I did another quick google search and thankfully Lady Camellia’s was right down the street. It’s inside of a small green house. It’s outside appearances don’t nearly do it justice as much as the inside. Inside they have the cutest decor based on a traditional British tea house.

The table settings, table cloths, chairs and tea pots were by far the cutest thing I have ever seen and had no idea a place like this even existed in DC.

We ordered the Full tea special which was $29 and included one pot of tea, two types of tea sandwiches, two scones or two croissants, and four pastries. We added the Tea for Two option for $14 more to get one more type of tea sandwich, one pot of tea, and one additional scone or croissant.

We tried the smoked salmon, egg salad (seasoned very well), and brie and apple sandwiches. The assortment of desserts and scones were phenomenal. There are many different options but you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose.

The tea was exceptional and if you have never had a pot of tea then you are missing out. We ordered one pot of Virginia Rioboos tea and one Green tea. Sugar, honey, and milk are provided free of charge.

Briana said she had a great time at our “princess tea party.” Ha, I know you do start to feel like one once you sit there long enough. I think Lady Camellia’s is a great place for a small gathering of friends or maybe a baby shower. Better call ahead of time though because the phone was ringing off the hook when we were there.

Lady Camellia's

Ta Ta!

Until next time,

Lin Alishia



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  1. I’m definitely going there!

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  2. looks like a really cool spot! I’m putting on my list

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