I had the pleasure to work alongside local photographer Tenneal (@in11views on Instagram) the other day and her eye is unmatched. We have been following each other since I launched my blog back in February but we got the opportunity to collab when she asked me to fill in on a shoot.

I was excited but hesitant because you never know who people are behind their IG accounts. So, I brought my bestie with me when we met up with Tenneal. Thankfully, she was very humble, pleasant and warm. She makes you feel super comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to capture your best angles.

When she showed me the pics in between shots, I would say, “ayeeeee that’s dope, I love it!!!” I love the direction she is going in with her photography career and she has my full support. Don’t be surprised to see us two collab again in the future. For booking go to Tenneal’s website

How did you start off as a photographer?

Okay… so I started photography out of necessity.  I used to design clothes (NOEMMI Studios) and lingerie (Sojourn Lingerie) and needed a photographer, but could not afford it at the time.  I owned a DSLR, which cost me a good chunk of my rent while in grad school (I lived in Pittsburgh so rent by their standards is chump change compared to the DC metro area… about $400), so I decided to put it to use by photographing models in my makeshift studio (our apartment living room).

What made you change careers from a clothes designer to a photographer?

Five years later, after having my son (and initiating the world’s shortest real estate career), I grew weary of making clothing for others, hunched over a sewing machine with an active screaming baby and decided I wanted something that allowed me to get out of the house, engage with other ambitious women, create my own schedule, and to kind of do storytelling.  After a few months, I realized I actually have an eye and a growing client list (Thank you, Lord)!

Tell me more about how you give back to the community.
I decided to take it [photography] seriously (therein also quitting real estate, after about 5 months), educate myself (continually) and help other women out along the way. Those women include my clients who are the most inspiring, multi-tasking, savvy, smart, and ambitious people in the world… as well as those I help by donating 15% of my profits to various DC-area women’s and children’s organizations (particularly women’s shelters for abuse survivors and the homeless).

Do you feel that you have finally found that right career?

I have finally found a passion that meets all of my needs and my personality after years of trying this and that… and do not see myself going back!  Everything else is a hobby!

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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