Kafe Leopold

Serving European fare, like schnitzel & strudel, this spot has a back-alley patio & sleek interior.

Kafe Leopold is an Austrian inspired café in Georgetown, DC located through Cady’s Alley. When you walk up to the café the first thing you see is the outside patio with giant blue umbrellas. It does make you think there is a separate restaurant nearby but Kafe Leopold’s themed orange and white décor is just right through the doors.

I am not sure if my mood was more heightened than normal or if it was the way the sun was shining perfectly to the tune of the background music or if the overall ambiance of the café made it feel perfect. I didn’t feel like I was in Georgetown anymore. I felt like I was in Europe.

I didn’t have any expectations or do any additional research on what was good to eat there, like I usually do. I just wanted to absorb the experience. I am happy that I did it that way.

For a drink, I ordered a cocktail called the Bees Knees which included Gin, lemon juice, and honey ($11). It was very tasty and strong enough for my liking. My two lunch dates ordered a cocktail called XOXO which had champagne, passion fruit puree juice, and apricot brandy ($11). I tasted that drink as well; it was light and reminded me of a mimosa.

Kafe Leopold

For my entrée, I ordered the Brathendl (I butchered the pronunciation when I ordered). It is roasted chicken, warm escarole (tastes and looks just like cabbage), roasted potatoes, and mustard chicken jus.  My lunch dates ordered one Bratwurst with roasted potatoes, celery sauerkraut and mustard and the other ordered the zucchini pasta.

Kafe Leopold

All our meals were delicious and there wasn’t anything left on our plates. One of the best meals I have had in a while. I highly recommend you try it. To some, the plates may not look appetizing depending if you are a picky eater but the taste is superb.

I cannot wait to go back and visit Kafe Leopold. Next time I will be sure to try the dessert and one of the coffees because it all looks scrumptious.

Read the next post about what popular new sweet treat we had after Kafe Leopold.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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