A Pop Art–decorated storefront for chicken- or vegetable-based ramen & Japanese-style fried chicken.

I am going to start this blog post a little differently than I normally would. Have you ever gotten to a certain part of your day and found yourself so hungry that your stomach goes from growling to feeling like it is caving in?

Yeah, I mean that might be overly dramatic but that is how hungry I was the day I went to Artechouse. It was an adventure trying to get food afterward. Here is why

After the museum, my friend and I called Uber and we waited for the car to arrive outside. If you have taken Uber before then you know sometimes the driver can take longer than expected. Of course, the Uber driver kept making wrong turns and took an extra 10 minutes to arrive.

Funny thing is, as soon as I opened the car door, the handle flung off. My mouth dropped!! Did my paining hunger just do that? No. His door handled does that sometimes apparently.

Anyways, we get dropped off in front of the Verizon Center instead of Bantam King because originally, we were going to eat at a popular sandwich place called Jetties but it closes at 3 PM daily. Of course, it was 3:15 p.m. by the time we were looking for food.

When we got out the Uber, we didn’t really know where we wanted to eat. So, we decided to walk down Gallery Place to see what our options were. I suddenly remembered that I have a list of places that I wanted to try in my phone and they are categorized by location. That’s when we picked Bantam King.

Okay, here comes the part that adds more to this never-ending adventure that left me hangry (hungry + angry).

Bantam King isn’t that far away from the Verizon Center. It’s located at 501 G St NW, Washington, DC. So, there was no need to Uber there. We decided to walk but where we made the mistake was trying to go off my sense of direction (I am terrible with directions). We walked the complete opposite way for 15 extra minutes until I finally realized that G St. cuts off when you get to the Verizon Center so you must go around the block or cut through the alley. I am so smart (let’s go with that…).

After that fiasco, we finally made it to Bantam King (don’t confuse it with the rundown Thai restaurant next door). Eating at Bantam King really made up for all the pain I suffered trying to get there.

The restaurant looks like a Tokyo Japanese lunch diner with paper lanterns and bold colors. The thing that really shocked me about this place was the music. They play 90’s hip-hop, R&B and pop. How cool right?

Bantam King

I ordered the Spicy Misou with corn, seaweed, ramen, onion and chicken for $12.50. On a spicy scale, it was about a 5/10. I also ordered some chicken dumplings. Both were yummy delicious. My friend ordered the Fried Chicken with rice and she loved how well seasoned it was. Although, (No comma necessary here) after tasting my Ramen she was jealous and now wants to go back to get that (SN: She orders chicken EVERY time she goes out to eat).

If you want to eat somewhere cool and inexpensive check it out. I also think it would make a good scene for a music video or photo shoot.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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