Farmers & Distillers

There is only one thing that can make your entire weekend go from ehh to ahh and that is a great brunch — the only meal that matters on the weekends. As soon as I found out that Farmers and Distillers does a tour of their distillery, which includes a tasting of six different liquors and appetizers for only $20 per person (WHATTT), I immediately started planning a group outing.

I work for an event company and one weekend I spoke with the owner, Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events by Tara, about doing more event planning with BKS. She gave me the assignment to plan and host a team event. At first, we decided on visiting a winery but when I found out about Farmers & Distillers private spirits tour I suggested we go there.
I started planning in July and wrapped everything up the week of the event in August. We had a group of nine women attend the spirit tasting and brunch.
The tour started off in the distillery located inside the restaurant to the left of the bar. We learned all about the different grains and barley that go into making Founding Farmers Spirits (Farmers & Distillers is a branch off of Founding Farmers). Then we headed downstairs for the tasting — the best part, DUH!
Farmers & Distillers
The private room is beaauutiful. The chandeliers above the long dark wood table lined with glasses set the tone of the room. The group consists of event planners so we all took about 10 minutes taking pictures of the room and asking questions about room rental prices, food, and beverage minimums, etc. etc. etc. Then finally the presentation starts and we start tasting the different liquors.
Farmers & Distillers
Smelling liquor is completely different from wine. If you sniff too hard it could take you back a little or make you afraid to take a sip. Some of the ladies were so scared and were making the funniest faces when slowly putting the glass to their lips. Briana was being a WUSS about trying the Amaro ( of course I used the classic teaching of peer pressure and convinced her to sip some). Good thing she did because she ended up liking it.
I am not a Vodka drinker (thanks to my college days of buying cheap vodka) but I was surprised at how good their brand was. The Gin was smooth as well as the Rye Whiskey and Whiskey. I wish they had “chasers” but I refreshed my palette with these scrumptious sweet potato tostadas. I will admit drinking liquor straight was harder than I expected, my college days are OVER, so I need juice.
Our hosts did let us sample one of their most popular cocktails called, “What about Dave?”. It is named after one of the owners. Dave if you are reading this…send me the recipe for that drink.
Farmers & Distillers
What about Dave
After the tasting everyone was feeling good and ready to eat so we headed upstairs for the brunch. It was around 12:15 pm so it was pretty packed. I mean you had to slide past people. The brunch options were really great, they offered breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (fresh made apple pie donuts that were better than most apple pies).
I ate so fast and so much food that I did not get one single picture. Everything I ate tasted on point and I promise it was not the alcohol. Seriously,  I asked everyone at the table if they liked their food and they all loved it. So, don’t blame it on the alcohol and I’m not talking about Jamie Foxx (If you don’t get this reference I am going to make you google it).
Our waitress even put in orders to have servers come around with samples of dishes not on the menu for us to try. OMG TALK ABOUT STUFFED there was no way I could cram any more food. I was in food paradise and I did not want to leave.
I will be going back to Farmers & Distillers, probably this weekend. Brunch is from 10 am- 2 pm on the weekends only. For parking, there is a PMI parking garage right next door to the restaurant and Farmers & Distillers validates up to two hours free. After two hours it is $15. There is also street parking and nearby metro. Make your reservations now!!
Until next time,
Lin Alishia 

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