Georgia Brown’s

What it do baby boo’s… so I decided to plan a dinner with my family and some friends of the family at Georgia Brown’s. I was really skeptical about going here because I heard mixed reviews about how the food and service wasn’t really that great. However, a trusted source told me that the food was extremely good. So, I thought, “well, why not? I might as well go give it a try”.

Georgia Brown’s is located at 15th and K St. near Farragut West and Dupont Circle. Not too hard to find but of course we went on the coldest days of the week where it feels like 10° outside. Which means it took us 30 minutes to park then walk a block away while the wind hit us like bricks. The wind is so disrespectful. The food made up for the cold night though.

I was expecting the decour and the restaurant to be like a mom-and-pop place but it was very well decorated and kind of fancy. I was very shocked about how nice it looked on the inside. I’m so used to eating soul food in places that don’t look as nice.

We placed our order and waited for our food for maybe about 45 minutes to an hour but there was seven of us so at that was expected for the wait to be that long.

Two people ordered the Atlantic Salmon with yams and green beans. One person ordered the Atlantic Salmon with mashed potatoes. One person ordered sheath crab soup with the Charleston Perlau. One person got the Charleston Perlau by itself. One person got the Sweet and Spice Porkchops with yams and cabbage. And I got the Fried Catfish with macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and red rice.

I tried pretty much everyone’s food and everything tasted really really really really good. The Charleston Perlau is basically a seafood paella or jambalaya. It consists of red rice with scallions, onions, peppers, shrimp, duck, and more mixed with it. I thought this was the best thing that was ordered. I would get that next time I go.

My catfish was so moist, I have not had fish that was that moist and fried. The tartar sauce that came with it was so perfect I could’ve eaten it by itself. The mac & cheese is really good and seemed to be made with a white cheese instead of the traditional yellow four cheeses. The collard greens were made with the right amount vinegar and I appreciated that because not everyone makes collard greens well. I didn’t try the salmon or the pork chops but my friends scraped their plates clean so I assumed that it was delicious.

I wouldn’t say the drinks were extremely strong but strong enough for you to taste the alcohol. I ordered the Kentucky Lemonade which consisted of bourbon, some type of sour mix, and lemonade. My drink was mixed well together; I would get that drink again. My other friend ordered the Blueberry Mojito which she said was strong for her liking but that it was good.

I will say that the menu is a little bit pricey but I guess it’s kind of like gourmet soul food. I’m just not used to paying that price for soul food because it typically is cheap but you can spend around $35-$50 here.

I enjoyed my company, the food, and the drinks. I would say that this was one of the best dinners I’ve had in a really long time. Probably because of the people that I was with and the food being good so it was a win-win. I would go back and bring people that haven’t been to let them try it out.

Until next time,

Lin Alishia


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  1. I had the Charleston Perlau and it was delicious. I also had the she crab soup,lots of fresh crab meat.Yummy! The atmosphere was nice. Is there such a thing as laid back fancy? I’m definitely going back.

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