How I Ended My Summer

Summer 2018 – my first real adult summer. I worked hard but I didn’t play as hard as I would have liked. Nonetheless, my summer didn’t go to complete waste. I got to travel, try new restaurants, see some new exhibits, and spend time with family and friends. You’re probably thinking, “okay, what else could she possibly do this summer that would have made her say she played hard??”.

Well, here’s what I wish I did; Travel outside the U.S.; Gone to a festival, conference, or concert; Visited Brooklyn for the first time; Eaten crabs on the pier/boardwalk; Canoe/Kayak on the Potomac River; Gone a Hike and captured some dope aerial shots; Done a wine tasting.

SN: Next summer I will make a list of what I want to do. I’ve done it before and I ended up having the time of my life.

Although, I did more than most, I am not here to complain. I still had a great summer even though I didn’t post about it. I needed to take a break from blogging and social media. My goal is to give less time to screen time and focus on the more important things but I also don’t want to leave my readers behind.

Here’s how I ended my summer!

National Building Museum’s Fun House

*This exhibit ends September 3, 2018

Tickets are $16 and after I spent 30 minutes touring the exhibit and taking Instagram pictures I pretty much saw everything there was to see. I didn’t feel it was worth the $16 but I just gathered that maybe the museum needs the money to fund the exhibit. I do love the concept of jumping into a ball pit, reminds me of my childhood days at Chuck E. Cheese.

There were a lot of kids in the ball pit the day I went but I managed to fight one of them off for a spot in the pit. Can’t let these crumb snatchers hog all the balls. It felt pretty good to jump in and swim around but I will say it smelled like baby feet or kid booty in there. I made sure the balls didn’t touch my mouth so I wouldn’t get a cold or worse…

I do like kids by the way…sort of.

Tiger Fork

If you think Chinese food is only fried rice, chopsticks, and fortune cookies then you need to grow up. There’s more to this cuisine then people think. Tiger Fork’s menu is small but their waiters are knowledgeable and give good recommendations. We ordered the Beef Chow Foon. Which is brisket, bok choy (looks like Brussels sprouts but they are Chinese cabbages), and thick rice noodles. D E L I C I O U S

Grade: A++

We also got ice cream that comes in a fried waffle cone cup. I’ll just leave this picture here, speaks for itself.

CityCenter DC

This is a new exhibit. This light installation features images that play a sort of hypnosis effect once you move the handles fast enough.

Jazz in the Gardens

One of my favorite events during the summer. You can hear live music, get pitchers of really well mixed sangria and smell the BBQ pulled pork in the air while you lay in the lawn or sit by the fountain. It’s open to families, millennials, Oldies (but goodies), and cheapskates (like myself) because it’s a free event. August 24, 2018 was the last one of the summer so keep this on your list for next year!

Oohs and Ahhs

Classic DC hole in the wall soul food place. Don’t bring anyone bourgeois (bougie) here cause they will complain the entire time until they eat this delicious food. It’s a gem on U St.. I personally think you can get the best plates from 7pm – 10pm before it gets too crowded. My recommendation is to get the chicken wings, whitening, catfish, collards, green beans and Mac and cheese.

Grade: A++


Best place to get some late night tacos. You all know my passion for tacos period. When I went here I walked in the wrong direction and looped around and wasted 30 minutes of my life and it was right around the corner from the car. Don’t be like me. One of my favorite places to get tacos. Will go back to try all the other ones. Sorry for no picture but I didn’t like the ones I had.

Grade: A+

Well, friends this may be my longest post ever. So I will end it here. I hope you all had a great summer and more to come from me so be on the look out. Stay up to date with me on Instagram @BestKSDC.

Also, I’ve updated my logo!



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  1. Now that you are “adulting”, your fun is no longer restricted to summer. That is, until you have school-aged children. So go and enjoy “summer” 24/7/365…”it’s always summer (aka hot as #%*) somewhere in the world 😜

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  2. NICE!!!! What a great post and great summer you had!!!

    Get Outlook for Android


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