In Case You Were Wondering, This is What You Didn’t Do Last Weekend

Every once in a while I take pictures that I actually like. It’s rare that I can get more than 2 or 3 pics from a day out in the city that I love. When I do I just want to flood my timeline with all of them, no scroll left option, just 50 pictures of the same thing but different pose. I decided to be a good human being and not annoy my followers so I will post these creative shots done by my photographer @_nandigram here.

Renwick Gallery

I have featured Renwick before on the blog but there are some new exhibits there that I needed to go see. The artwork is interactive, bold with color, and playful when it comes to sound. While each room is different, almost all of them feature light in the exhibit. Light installations are my favorite, especially when coupled with sound or musical enhancements.

This room is kind of trippy and makes you feel like you just fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. If you stand on the circles when they are green then the mushroom moves.

The next room is filled with pillows and in the ceiling, there is a star-shaped light with vibrant lights and music playing. Not good for an epileptic so I wouldn’t recommend going if you suffer from that. Even I started to feel a little tripped out from staring at the lights. I would have laid on the pillows and looked up at the installation but it just didn’t seem sanitary to lay my head on a pillow where everyone else laid. I could just imagine the lice crawling into my hair. Ewwwwwwww.




Okay, I love Blagden Alley, it’s the coolest place in the city right now. Calico definitely adds to the vibe of the alley. You enter through the “backyard” and walk into a patio with a garden view and tables. When you go upstairs there is a metal greenhouse structure with small cocktail tables inside of them. Great photo op. I will have to go back when there aren’t that many people but I still enjoyed the scene. Happy hour specials are great and I’ll recommend the Lobster Mac and Cheese.

Btw after I left here I couldn’t find my car. We walked all around the convention center until I realized to turn my GPS on. Turned it on and still ended up going the wrong direction. Finally, my brain started working and we found our way back to the car only to realize when we first started our way back to the car we were only one block up from the car. B L O W N. I’m the worst at walking directions.

Art All Night DC

SN: We took the metro to the event to avoid not finding parking. Have you ever been on the metro and see someone acting suspiciously. They have on a book bag and keep getting up. I always plan my escape route if they want to act crazy and blow up the train. Stay woke.

I love First Friday’s and if you don’t know what that is that means you’re a poser for urban and local art. It’s okay, everyone has a role to play. Art All Night DC is pretty cool and has been going on for a few years. It started in a DC neighborhood called Shaw. A lot of local talented artists tabled and performed during the event and other participating neighborhoods in DC did the same.

I will say I wanted there to be more…art. I wanted to see artists creating during the event and I wanted to see streets blocked off and just walk through and see different types of art like mini Art Basel.

We did come across the silent headphone party. I always wanted to attend one so I said might as well. It was $10 to rent a pair of headphones by cash or cash app and you also had to leave your drivers license. It was extremely fun because you could switch between three different stations that the DJ was playing. You knew when to switch to a different color when everyone’s headphones had all the same color and your friend taps you saying “turn, turn, turn!” I definitely sang really loud the entire because no one could hear me unless they were walking by then I know I sounded like a dying cat. Oh well, I couldn’t hear me and I was enjoying myself, sue me.

Imagine the scene: 100+ people (DMV people) with a 100+ ID’s in no particular alphabetical order or order at all at the end of the night. Complete chaos. People were getting upset trying to get to the front. It was overwhelming but also hilarious to hear all the comments, like “oh my gosh do you have DC or Murland (Maryland)” and “Get off my back, I hear you!” Finally, someone separated the ID’s by state and started calling names out and we swapped our headphones for our ID’s.

One the way back to the train we saw Andy Cohen randomly. I almost didn’t see him because there were so many people but he said hi to the blog.

We made it to the train literally at the right time because they were closing the gate to enter. It was so empty at the train station that there wasn’t even a driver to conduct the train. I think they had to call someone to take a group of us back. The lights were flickering, this ladies food stunk, my feet were hurting, I was just happy to get home.

I’ve had a pretty good past few weeks, I’m not a fall person (again, sue me) but hopefully I can find something fun to do this season that’s not typical boring fall activities. I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time,

Lin Alishia





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